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About Alcohol Dependence 1-800-303-2938


About Alcohol Dependence 1-800-839-1682 – Alcohol dependence is a serious problem, not just in the United States, but around the world. Call and visit 1-800-839-1682


Photos: Walk for Recovery on Staten Island boardwalk offers hope

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"We're trying to change the face of addiction — there's no one immune to it," said New Springville resident Sheree Sobel, a social worker at Susan Wagner High School and a member of the parents committee of Tackling Youth Substance Abuse (TYSA), the …


Alcohol Treatment El Paso Restructures Treatment Methods to Improve Recovery

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The groundbreaking new substance abuse treatment methods at Alcohol Treatment El Paso are assisting more and more people as they recover from addiction. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Share on LinkedIn Email a friend.
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