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A Question of “God”; a Fairytale to Scare Children With?

Question by spookykid313: A question of “God”; A fairytale to scare children with?
God is all-seeing, all-knowing, and the creator of all. Really?

My question is this: God creates the child molester just as He creates the nun, or the Gandhi-esque peoples of this world. Therefore, God creates evil.

So is God evil? God cannot create something that is not contained within him/her/it. God is everything; therefore he must be good AND evil. God created Lucifer and his minions……….Lucifer turned against God. But God should have known this beforehand, so why did he/she/it create Lucifer? If God didn’t know, then God is not all-knowing, all-seeing, or all-powerful. Why would God create something that would bring ruination and misery unto his other creations? Is God a sadist? Does God enjoy seeing us suffer and twist?

And don’t give me that ‘free-will’ bullshit. God allegedly KNOWS everything you will do in your lifetime; therefore he KNOWS that this person will murder the other person, and person X will steal from person Z. So why do these things occur? For God’s amusement?
Good, thoughtful answers, everyone.

“Friend”–the world did not split apart, the seas did not boil over, my eyes did not dangle from their sockets and release anything ‘evil’ from myself.

For what it’s worth, I believe that there is the possibility of higher intelligence, and that ancient man simply turned this into “God”. I do not believe in the Bible; I DO believe there was a man that was Jesus. Whether he was the son of God or an alien creature himself is still up for debate. Christianity has stolen so much of itself (nearly the entirety of it) from other, older religions and warped to suit.

Free will is laughable to me, at best. All the evils and troubles of mankind are blamed on ‘free will’ and shoved under the rug.

Best answer:

Answer by ?Älmighty Ätheist?
Pretty much.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!



Scott Carroll December 16 2013


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