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A Question About the 5 Stages of Grief..?

Question by HAT: A question about the 5 stages of grief..?
My sister died just over 2 years ago and I’m having a question about “proper grieving” if there is such a thing
Just last year I was diagnosed with depression (stage 4 of grief) but for some reason I feel like I skipped anger and bargaining (instead I turned to atheism and stayed in denial) and I’m not sure if I’m “done” with depression, but I feel like I’ve progressed (or regressed) to the Anger Stage in the sense that I’m angry with my dead sister for many things and sometimes my parents (though I never let it out on them).
Is this normal?

Best answer:

Answer by Emily
The stages of grief don’t necessarily always occur in order.

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5 Stages of Grief – End of the Year AP Psychology Project on Kubler Ross’s 5 Stages of Grief. Ending Credits Song: “Come Back To Me” by Vanessa Hudgens.


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