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Drug & Alcohol Interventionist.?

Question by WTFcouRtt x3.: Drug & Alcohol Interventionist.?
This is what I want to be when I get older.
Drug & Alcohol addiction has always interested me & I want to pursue a career in it.
While watching “Intervention” on A&E, I thought about becoming a Drug and Alcohol Interventionist.
Is this a good job choice?
Are there colleges that offer training in this in New York?
Are there job openings?
How many years of college do I have to go to?
Also, What other jobs are there involving Drug & Alcohol Control/Help?

Thank you. (:

Best answer:

Answer by Madworld711
This won’t be an easy job. It’s not for the faint of heart, and is a very selfless position. I am sure there are colleges in NY. I suggest you start with one of your local ones and speak to an advisor to get you on the right track. Good luck 🙂

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