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Pharmacist Counseling Patient on L-Arginine (Natural Product)


Pharmacist counseling patient on L-arginine (natural product) – Pharmacy student created video of a patient – pharmacist interaction regarding the use of the supplement L-arginine.


Washington State Pain Center Helps Injured Workers Get Their Lives Back

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Since its founding, the bulk of Pacific Rehabilitation's patient population has been injured workers, referred by physicians, vocational counselors, nurse case managers and claims managers. Chronic pain often has a significant effect on these workers …
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Nurses should counsel patients on oncofertility issues

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ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA—Cancer patients need to receive timely information and counseling regarding oncofertility issues, and oncology nurses involved in their treatment can play a major role in providing this type of care, according to research presented …
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What Does It Mean When a Child Has “Occupational Therapy”?

Question by G H: What does it mean when a child has “occupational therapy”?
Does it mean he is mentally challenged?
Or can any child have it?

Best answer:

Answer by Gracinda
There could be a lot of reasons why a child would have OT.
OT’s work with kids who have had injuries to their arms and hands, or who have sensory problems and have trouble regulating their responses to the environment and as well as kids who have intellectual delays.

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Child Therapy – Selective Mutism – Find out more about NLP4Kids and our work with children, teenagers and young people or how you can get free NLP practitioner training…


Ban on therapy to change child's sexual orientation moves forward

How Legalistic Is Assemblies of God?

Question by Blah: How legalistic is Assemblies of God?
What are some of the things they aren’t allowed to do? Can they watch TV and play video games?

Best answer:

Answer by Desiree
They’re an offshoot of Pentecostalism, aren’t they? So that means they have evolved beyond rolling around on the ground whilst making gibberish noises. They have taken this behavior to a new level. They are even crazier than crazy.

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In Chicago River accident, Burnsville woman's body found

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He had been a volunteer in the past at the Open Door Learning Center on East Lake Street in Minneapolis, teaching a GED science class, said Patrick Smith, coordinator at the center. "He was really good at conveying science in an understandable way for …
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Student Health Issues | 2013 Consumer Issues Conference


Student Health Issues | 2013 Consumer Issues Conference – Lena Newlin, Campus AWARE and Student Health 101; Laura Peterson, Director, UW Risk Management (Student Health Insurance); Daniel Radosevich, University Phys…


Are flying saucers overhead? Many believe

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And the UFO Reporting Center (UFORC) in Seattle reports that sightings have increased in the U.S. by 46 percent over the past four years. Here in Northern … I met Dr. Sprinkle in the mid-1970s, when I was chairman of the Journalism Department at the …
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Business Beat

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Prior to this appointment, he was director of professional development at the college. Graves is an assistant professor. Previously, she was a senior research fellow at the Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center at the University of …
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New Vanderbilt Rehab & Care Centerbr135 Vanderbilt Ave.


New Vanderbilt Rehab & Care Centerbr135 Vanderbilt Ave. – Enjoy this video of New Vanderbilt Rehab & Care Centerbr135 Vanderbilt Ave. Last modified: 07/09/2013 09:42:24 am.


Trial begins for Palm Beach County pill mill doctors accused of pushing

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“This case is in some ways about the fountain of youth,” Cohen told the 15 jurors. People came to the clinics or bought drugs online to bulk up for body-building contests, increase their … Del Toro, who faces roughly 40 charges, accepted …
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Murder Of Homeless Teen Sheds Light On World Of Street Youth

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In Washington state, an upcoming murder trial involving street youth in Olympia is scheduled to begin. The case has revealed a street culture where … Jessica Alf was in drug rehab when she got the news. JESSICA ALF: And I got a call saying that …
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Debbie Grammas PhD on Eating Disorders


Debbie Grammas PhD on Eating Disorders – Therapick is the first online video directory of therapists.


Eating disorders affect students

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Melinda Ovnicek, psychological counselor and groups coordinator at Counseling and Psychological Services at EWU, said that many eating disorders begin with dieting and eating in a disordered way: counting calories, restricting food intake and not …
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Rogers' Dr. Theodore Weltzin Focuses on Males and Eating Disorders at 2013

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Dr. Weltzin and Tim Freson, M.S., a counselor in Health and Wellness Services at Washington State University, will co-present "Be a Man? Gender Role Conformity, Sociocultural Pressures and Challenges in Eating Disorder Detection, Treatment and …