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Your Actions Reflect Your Beliefs and Define Your Influence


Your Actions Reflect Your Beliefs and Define Your Influence – Dave Cooke reflects on an insightful quote from respected drug abuse counselor, Bob Meehan: “We are much less influential by what we say than we would want t…


Sober smartphone app aids boozers' recovery: Study

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The results for smartphone users were comparable to what has been seen with standard follow-up counseling or anti-addiction medication, said Daniel Falk a scientist-administrator at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, which helped …
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Hatboro-Horsham talks prescription drug abuse

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Through new programs this year, Hatboro-Horsham is focusing on more peer-to-peer counseling and discussions, which are proving to be more effective than just DARE program presentations and health class curriculum on substance abuse. “We need …
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DR. ANITA GADHIA-SMITH INTERVIEW ON MENTAL HEALTH MINUTES p3 – Dr. Anita Gadhia-Smith, psychotherapist and author of the best-selling book, “From Addiction to Recovery” is interviewed about alcoholism, addiction, substan…


CCTA strike disrupting some addiction treatment

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Last week we actually had one clinician who had zero clients show up," said Bick, who serves as the Howard Center's director of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. He said at least 50 of his clients heavily rely on CCTA buses to get to …
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Quincy attorney pleads guilty to trying to sneak prescription drug into

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A Quincy attorney pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges he tried to sneak prescription drugs used to treat drug addiction to someone at Chelsea District Court in November, authorities said. Michael Lustig, 45, was charged with possession with intent to …
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Question by junior92: creatine??
hey, i was wondering if Creatine-Monohydrate is a good supplement for a 15yr old (male who plays rugby) to take.
i wanna gain some weight!!

Best answer:

Answer by yoyoyoyo
rugby is wack
play football

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Alcohol Rehab Treatment Programs at Florida Centers – Good Future Drug Rehab Center in FL and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Programs is provided in a safe, nurturing and drug free environment. Good Future Best Drug Ab…


Kindred Announces Proposed Offering of 0 Million of Senior Notes

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… Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003, and changes in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement for the Company's TC hospitals, nursing centers, inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and home health and hospice operations, …
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Is There a Cat “Psychologist”?

by timtak

Question by anmlsrcute: Is there a cat “Psychologist”?
Does anyone know of a good psychologist type thing for cats with weird behavior? And not too expensive, please!

Best answer:

Answer by toast
Animal behaviorists are quite often expensive because there aren’t many people in the field. Your best bet is to contact your vet and ask for a referral in your area.

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Hackley sex-abuse case: Psychologists reflect on decades-old revelations

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What drives any victim to denounce their attacker is personal, but the sudden onslaught of accusations could be driven by the change in people's attitudes about sexual abuse itself, psychologists said. Research over the past half century has looked at …
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Chronic Pain Relief More Likely With Psychological Interventions

Weight Loss Doctor Las Vegas NV | (702) 605-5885


Weight Loss Doctor Las Vegas NV | (702) 605-5885 – Weight Loss Doctor Las Vegas NV (702) 605-5885 Whole Body Health Las Vegas is proud of the clinic that they have creat…


Monthly's guide to alternative medicine

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Buzzwords such as alternative, holistic, complementary, integrative and now functional have been used to describe health care practices such as homeopathy, Ayurveda, chiropractic and acupuncture. By combining conventional and non-traditional practices …
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Meeting the needs of children with disabilities

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Only 2% of children with disabilities, however, have access to rehabilitation services. There are many causes of disabilities in children. … In addition, certain disabilities in children are the result of the mother's exposure to toxic substances …
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Army Substance Abuse Program Europe Alcohol & Drugs Unit Briefing


Army Substance Abuse Program Europe Alcohol & Drugs Unit Briefing – How U.S. soldiers serving in Europe can make low-risk choices about substance use. Avoid problems due to impairment, including DUI. Understand effects and da…


Guarding against Realities of Substance Abuse

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Parents/guardians and their middle school and high school students are invited and encouraged to attend together the upcoming program, “Protecting Against the Realities of Substance Abuse.” It's set for Tuesday, March 4, at 7 p.m., at Madison High …
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Parsons Police, Labette County Substance Abuse Task Force Launch Teen

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“The program will begin to address questions parents may have regarding binge drinking, social media, prescription drug use and the challenges teens face in Labette County today.” In addition to the advertising campaign, a social media workshop for …
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