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Vocational Rehab. Caseworker/Eval. Interviw Tomorrow?

Question by joe T: Vocational Rehab. Caseworker/Eval. Interviw Tomorrow?
My interview is tomorrow and I want to get some tip on possible interview questions. Has anyone been through such an interview…remember any questions?

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Answer by jannsody
Just taking a guess at what might be asked of a prospective vocational rehab counselor: “What is your educational (and/or job or fieldwork) background?” “How can that help you excel in this setting?” “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” (weaknesses is trick question and Never say anything negative like you’re a proscrastinator or such.) “Do you enjoy working alone or with others?” (trick as one should be able to do both 😉 I’m not sure if the interviewer (and not to make you even more anxious because I’m just presupposing) would give you a scenario on paper or out loud and ask you how you the next step with that ‘client’. Of course they will most likely ask of your availability regardless of whether they hire you or not just to hear your answer. You may be asked where “you see yourself in 5 years?” “What are your goals as far as schooling?”

Soooo Frustrated With My Dang Skin!!!!!?

Question by =): soooo frustrated with my dang skin!!!!!?
so i use to have mild acne like i get a couple pimples a month but now its horrrrrrrrible!!!!!!!!!! its severe right now i probably have like 15 and they are on my cheeks and forehead i look soo nasty!! ive tried everything nothing is working i used too be really pretty but now i look like ewwww why do i have severe acne all of the sudden and how can i fix this please help!!!
its been this severe since october. i have tried proactive and other products suck as neutragena and now im trying clearpore but it isnt working

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Answer by vbgrl
did you try neutrogena skin ID?

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What Options Do I Have?

Question by juicystefy22: What options do I have?
This might be kind of long so here I go. I was 15 years old when I first had sex with my non virgin boyfriend and I started getting yellow discharge right after. (sorry TMI) He SAYS he got checked for STD’s and came out clean so I thought I shouldn’t worry. Six months after being safe the condom breaks and I soon find out I am pregnant. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, my parents HATE him and did not knew I was with their worst enemy, none the less having SEX with him. I panick and decide I want an abortion without thinking of anyone or anything else. I find a friend who goes to Mexico and is able to get me an abortion “gel” Which I stick up…you know where. About 30 minutes later I get HORRIBLE pains and start bleeding yada yada yada. I do this all on my own….at fifteen years old. No one is there through the pain, no medical help nothing. Regret and depression kick in and now i’m here about 1 year and a half later. Still have not seen a gyno. because my parents will not take me. I have a car and a job and that’s about it….what should I do?

Twelve Steps to Recovery With Alcoholics Anonymous


Twelve Steps To Recovery With Alcoholics Anonymous – Twelve Steps To Recovery by AA Music by Jimmy G. please visit: Pictures of Castle Craig by Me.


Courier Times Community Calendar for April 21

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7-8 p.m. Thu. A twelve-step self-help group for people with a dual diagnosis of mental health and substance abuse and/or addiction. Reach Out Foundation, 152 Monroe Ave., Penndel. 215-970-5462. Weight Management Support Group. 6:30 p.m. every Thu.
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PLEASE HELP ME! What Are Some Questions You Should No About a Person Be for You Marry Them?

Question by Pamela M: PLEASE HELP ME! What are some questions you should no about a person be for you marry them?

I know he does love me, and i know his friends, because most of them are my friends. I just dont know his goal for the future or any thing bout his past is that bad

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Answer by k&k’s mom
You should know pretty much all there is to know about someone, without having to sit down and have a 100 question spree. That is why they say you should take the time to get to know someone you are going to marry…

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Ore. audit urges changes in aid to needy families

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North Atlanta Christian Counseling Services


North Atlanta Christian Counseling Services – North Atlanta Christian Counseling Services, in Roswell, Georgia, helps individuals to identify the difficult stressors and other challenging circumstances a…


Counseling good, even if it seems destined to fail

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However, he has basically stated that when marriage counseling fails (not if), "I give up." We have kids and we love each other, we just can't seem to live together right now. Am I wasting my time saving a relationship that he sees as doomed …
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Chhattisgarh's teenage girls proclaim love, police in dilemma

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As the case comprises of minor girls and homosexuality, the girls have been handed over to child welfare committee and are now undergoing counseling, in charge of Raigarh Kotwali RK Mishra told Times Of India. Narrating the story, Mishra said the case …
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