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Why Do People Have Problems With Underage Drinking?

Question by erowidkid: Why do people have problems with underage drinking?
I am an eighteen year old who has been reviewing the different posts/questions regarding underage drinking. I have encountered several people who get quite upset at those of us who are alright with the issue and I thought it would be fun to see a debate on yahoo answers. Heres my opinion, I am eighteen years old have had a job since 14, two jobs since 15 and maintained a B+ gpa throughout high school. I certainly think I am mature enough and responsible enough to determine if I am capable of drinking alcohol. But even for those who are not so responsible, is it not their lives, should they not be given the option to ruin it if they please. Overall, my basic philosophy for life is that anyone should be able to do what they please as long as they do not hurt anyone else in the process. Thus I certainly do not support drinking and driving or such dangerous situations. What exactly is wrong with this philosophy.

Developing and Maintaining a List of Referral Resources With Jason Hays


Developing and Maintaining a List of Referral Resources with Jason Hays – In this Caring Clergy video, Pastoral Counselor Jason Hays talks about how clergy can develop a list of mental health professionals who can help their congre…


The Rise of the Ruvo

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The Ruvo Center takes new patients through self-referral or patient referral, and among the insurance plans accepted are Anthem BCBS, Cigna Healthcare, Health Plan of Nevada, Sierra Health Care Options, Sierra Health and Life, and United Healthcare …
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The new [and not so new] faces of SMRC

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Gonzales worked as SMRC's cultural outreach coordinator for nearly eight years, bringing together the Hispanic community with events, education and outreach, and providing clients with everything from translation to counseling and referral. She left in …
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I Don’t Know What to Make of This,on a Cycle That Starts Again About Every 3 Months,?

Question by soft honesty: I don’t know what to make of this,on a cycle that starts again about every 3 months,?
I start feeling on top of the world-full of energy, and hope, and confidence, and having goodwill twoards everyone, and having intense deep feelings of love and understanding,-and seemingly overnight, I become the exact opposite-no emotion, no energy, no reason, and very intense anger, not the physical kind, I feel I want to ruin everyone’s life, and make them suffer, as I do. After about a month or two this letts up, and I become a “saint again” This has been happening for years now, and I’ve been on almost every type of meds there are, yet they don’t seem to affect it at all.-I have borderline personality disorder, but I’m not sure if this is the cause of it.What may be causing it, and what do I do about it?
P.S>I know the DBT skills training manual backwards and forwards, sometimes it helps with managing symptoms, but the problem itself remains uaffected.

How Much Should Therapists Spend on Marketing?


How Much Should Therapists Spend on Marketing? – A common question among counselors and therapists in private practice is “How much money should I spend on marketing?” Dr. Anthony Centore and Eli Overbey an…


How to Choose a Mental Health Provider

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Treatments range from medication to talk therapy to cognitive-behavioral therapy. Those who do not respond to more conventional treatments can discuss further options with their doctors. Also, consider whether you need medications, counseling, or both, …
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Counseling service for military personnel preps for open house events

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The Soldiers Project-Wyoming Chapter is located on the old Riverton hospital property at North 12th Street East and East Lincoln Avenue, in a home refurbished by Lander therapist Charlie Wilson. Local realtor Richard Emond transferred the Habitat for …
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Introduction to St. Luke’s Medical Center Behavioral Health Center Chemical Dependency Program


Introduction to St. Luke’s Medical Center Behavioral Health Center Chemical Dependency Program – Therapist, Ellie Schafer, talks about the St. Luke’s Behavioral Health Center chemical dependency program.


Netsmart Forges Path to Coordinated, Integrated Care with its California

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Netsmart continues to provide knowledge leadership and collaboration-oriented technology solutions to county-based and private behavioral health and addiction services providers in California. Netsmart's innovative clinical and business solutions …
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Suncoast Mental Health Center receives funding from John's Island Foundation

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For more information about Suncoast Mental Health Center, please contact Art Ciasca, CEO, at 772-489-4726, or [email protected], or visit This story is contributed by a member of the Treasure Coast community and is …
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Question for Substance Abuse Professionals?

Question by ebizartistry: Question for substance abuse professionals?
Where does personal responsibility fit into the argument that certain groups are, perhaps, justified in their addiction?

Best answer:

Answer by **ask linda jo….**
they do not admit they are addicts and use every excuse to be high and not want sobriety they justify using and have grandiose behavior like i can quit any time and they don’t the saying i do not have a problem is a big lie they tell them selves to continue using.look up the N.A. website or get the book and read the stories or attend an N.A. meeting for more information.

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Wife: Slipknot bassist's final days blur of drug abuse

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