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Why Do People Have Problems With Underage Drinking?

Question by erowidkid: Why do people have problems with underage drinking?
I am an eighteen year old who has been reviewing the different posts/questions regarding underage drinking. I have encountered several people who get quite upset at those of us who are alright with the issue and I thought it would be fun to see a debate on yahoo answers. Heres my opinion, I am eighteen years old have had a job since 14, two jobs since 15 and maintained a B+ gpa throughout high school. I certainly think I am mature enough and responsible enough to determine if I am capable of drinking alcohol. But even for those who are not so responsible, is it not their lives, should they not be given the option to ruin it if they please. Overall, my basic philosophy for life is that anyone should be able to do what they please as long as they do not hurt anyone else in the process. Thus I certainly do not support drinking and driving or such dangerous situations. What exactly is wrong with this philosophy.

Group Counseling Common Mistakes


Group Counseling Common Mistakes – Drs. Chris Schimmel and Ed Jacobs discuss common mistakes in group counseling from an Impact Therapy point of view based on their book, Group Counseling: Str…


Annie: Living arrangement concerns woman

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Ask him again to come with you for counseling to work on your relationship issues, but if he refuses, please go on your own. Your efforts to discuss things lead to defensiveness and entrenchment, and counseling will help you find better ways to …


Counseling Services Available This Week At Monroe High

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Counseling services will be available to Monroe High School students this week after the recent deaths of students and former students. Story here: Motorcycle collision kills three near Maybee. Counselors from the Monroe County Intermediate School …
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More UC Application Questions?

Question by : More UC Application questions?
Okay! A few questions…answer whatever you know because I know I’m asking a lot :p

So first off..
2nd semester junior year I was seriously depressed and my grades showed that. My counselor at school told me to add that into additional comments (she was with me all throughout the experience so yeah..) but should I add that in the additional comments with my personal statements or additional comments about my classes?

I don’t understand what they mean by Educational Preparation Programs?
Examples of that other than what they say in the application please? They say…
Add and briefly describe any programs or activities that have enriched your academic experiences or helped you to prepare for college. Such programs may provide information, counseling, tutoring or other service or offer academic enrichment, research opportunities or special study opportunities, such as study abroad.

How Do I Help My Children With the Loss of Their Father.?

Question by Hazeleyes: How do I help my children with the loss of their father.?
His death was almost 3 years ago and with the holidays passing they are missing him a lot and I don’t know how to assure them of how they are feeling or how to help them understand some of those feelings. We lost him suddenly to cancer, from diagnosis to the time of his death was about 2 weeks so they never got the chance to adjust to him being sick or to get prepared for the loss of him. Also I don’t know if I can actually help them because I never really greived when he passed I was and am still so angry that he was taken so suddenly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. To add one more thing his parents are starting to shut my children out and treat them differently than before. It has always been that way but it has gotten worse, how do I help them cope with that?

What Keeps Patients From Leaving Inpatient Behavioral Addiction Therapy?


What keeps patients from leaving inpatient behavioral addiction therapy?


Weinberger, Black & Associates to be Featured on Close-Up Talk Radio

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“People in addiction treatment often go to therapists, but many people in our field aren't trained in addiction. They don't even tend to ask the right questions to get at the addictions,” says Dr. Weinberger. “Addiction can affect generations, so …
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Cherry Hill's Humble Beginnings will serve adult addicts in recovery

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At 25, the Philadelphia resident is launching a new outpatient addiction treatment center this week in Cherry Hill. He points to his own recovery from high school substance abuse as his inspiration for the work. “The sad part is, it's getting to the …
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About Clinical Psychology?

Question by Captain Smitty: About Clinical Psychology?
Can you tell me about it?
I’m confused as to what the job of a clinical psychologist is.
Is this professional counseling?

Any added facts would be great!
Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by Sugar
There is not a Major difference .

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!


Visting professor speaks on challenges of manhood

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Michael Iezzi, a counseling psychologist at the student counseling center, said the event was inspiring. “What I take away from it is, we don't have to necessarily buy into all of the things that make you a macho man and you can just be yourself …
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Margaret Lavin:

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