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Why Does My Mom Try to Put Me Down and Not Support Me?

Question by Kaitlyn: why does my mom try to put me down and not support me?
So a little while ago i walk in the living room and told my mom that i am starting to get blisters from my guitar and she doesnt say anything so i went on with what i had to do and she goes “you were sleeping all day and just getting up when i was getting home from work, im tired”, well i was up until 4am practicing my guitar being that i dream of getting a record deal or be on american idol. she randomly says “your not getting a car at 16 or 17 and your not getting ins. on my car so you wont be able to drive at all”, well i dont exactly get what that has to do with anything? I said im getting a job when im 16 and she says “oh really how are you going to get there” and i just walked in my room and closed the door. It kinda hurts me, she wants me to tell her everything, but i just feel like she just going to laugh if i tell her i want to adution for amaerican idol or anything close to that. I just want to know why she does this and what shes getting out of it? I want to be a singer and it would be amazing if i get there without my familys support, it will be hard but im willing to try.

Anyone Familiar With Benefits Under Chapter 31 Vocational Rehab?

Question by TheMatador: Anyone familiar with benefits under Chapter 31 Vocational Rehab?
To clarify, I would like to know whether Chapter 30 benefits have to be used in conjunction with Chapter 31. Also, is getting the allowance for subsistance while you train automatic or do you have to qualify for it?

Best answer:

Answer by thelightedtorch
If you get one, you don’t get the other. You have 4 total years. So if you use Ch. 30 for 2 years, you can get Voc Rehab for the remaining 2. Also, I’m pretty sure the subsistence allowance is automatic. Also you have to be disabled to use Voc Rehab. At least 30%, I think.

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Philadelphia Futures, Gettysburg College mark 12-year tie

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Alcoholism Help | Hawaii Island Recovery


Alcoholism Help | Hawaii Island Recovery – Call 866-515-5032 Alcoholism help is available for those who are will to seek it out. Medical detox, treatment center and…


Alcoholic gene discovered

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"If further research confirms that a similar mechanism is present in humans, it could help us to identify those most at risk of developing an addiction, and ensure they receive the most effective treatment." Dr Matthew Frei, clinical director of …
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Prevention, not rehabilitation, is answer

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If alcohol has no effect on me, why would an alcoholic drink be better than a non-alcoholic one? No one can help an alcoholic until they admit they have a problem, but this is difficult because self-denial is one of the effects alcohol has on the brain …
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Saratoga – Trailer


Saratoga – Trailer – On screen, Jean Harlow is pure platinum: white-blonde, rare, glamorous and tough. But she was fragile in real life, succumbing to kidney disease at the achin…


What Jackie Knew: Matriarch for Grieving Families

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Grief was different fifty years ago. It was a time when stoicism was praised and death was synonymous with "dirty" and kept at bay. But November 1963 was different. People were talking about about how hard it was to lose a father, especially for children.
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Four deaths in Bergen County share tragic link to domestic violence

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An unidentified man and woman grieving at the scene of the killing of Tammy Pitts-Gaddy and her young daughter, Natasia, at a home in Englewood in January. What bound Beth Fabbricatore, Mary Greff, Tammy Pitts-Gaddy — and even Tammy's little girl, …

Cal Lutheran Community Counseling Centers


Cal Lutheran Community Counseling Centers


Prioritizing mental health

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Prompted by recent acts of violence both on the campus and across the nation, university President Wallace Loh allotted a $ 5 million gift from The Pepsi Corporation in April to the university's health and counseling centers, which had jointly requested …
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Knoxville Family Justice Center Will Expand Counseling Services With Grant

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn., October 31, 2013 /3BL Media/ — To coincide with Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM), Verizon has issued a grant to the Knoxville Family Justice Center[i] to assist in the vital work they do each day. The $ 20,000 grant stems from …
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Black Women Are in Severe Need of Psychological Counseling


Black Women Are In Severe Need Of Psychological Counseling – Credit goes to RickScorpio. He is the creator of this vid.


Lucrative careers not always in mind when students choose majors

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But those in Meuret's other field of choice, counseling psychology, could see salaries half as high. People in counseling psychology, which includes family therapy and school counseling, had the lowest median pay – $ 29,000 per year – in a 2011 …
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Abused women must come out of their closets 'Domestic violence a universal

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In Insight, Arab Times speaks to Dr. Siddiqa Hussain, PhD and MSc in Clinical Psychology, who works as a Counselor and a Clinical psychologist. According to Dr Siddiqa, violence against women takes many forms — physical, psychological, sexual and …
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