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KevinspiresTV Episode 5 Season 1 Don’t Give In


KevinspiresTV Episode 5 Season 1 Don’t Give In – Welcome to the next episode of ‘KevinspiresTV. In this episode Kevin tells you straight that there will be times when you will get down on yourself and feel …


You Aren't Here Now: How Grief and Mindfulness Don't Mix

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Over the last decade, mindfulness meditation, sometimes called mindfulness-based therapy, has been researched as an aid to anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain, and other human conditions. Once largely confined to the realm of therapists' offices …
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'We can give people a better outlook' – Norfolk pregnancy charity given

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Chronic Pain?

Question by flagguttie: Chronic Pain?
I have Chronic Pain going on 11 years. I have been on many pain medications over the years, had several pain doctors perform several injections in several places to try and freeze or kill the nerves. I have recently had a neuro stimulator installed and it seems to have some relief and I am still on medication. I would like to get off the medication and I know the withdrawls will be hell. What’s the best way to handle these symptons and avoid having major issues while coming off?
I am on MS-Contin 15mg – 2 per day, and Loratab 10/500 – 4 per day

Best answer:

Answer by war b
theres many natural pain medications, i suggest slowly going off, just decrease your meds every couple days, soon when you get to 1 pill start cutting it in half and ect ect.

Why Do They Say Kurt Cobain Might Not Have Committed Suicide?

Question by RustyMae: Why do they say Kurt Cobain might not have committed suicide?
I’ve heard documentaries that say he might not have done it… That he was too messed up in drugs to even pick up the gun.

Wtf… :/

Best answer:

Answer by Artist
They think Courtney Love had him killed.

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DeWine: heroin is 'epidemic'

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Most of the victims of heroin overdose were middle-aged, suffered from chronic pain, and had graduated from prescription painkillers, he said. An increase in hospitals and doctors treating pain followed by a crackdown making it harder for people to …
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With Rise Of Painkiller Abuse, A Closer Look At Heroin

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Heroin Treatment NYC


Heroin Treatment NYC –


Overdose deaths put heroin use in the spotlight (full version)

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“This is unprecedented,” Falkowski said of heroin use, overdoses and people seeking treatment in Minnesota, all on the rise in the last few years. National drug abuse expert Carol Falkowski addressed the crowd at a recent forum on heroin. In Anoka …
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Heroin summit, at best, a beginning: editorial

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"We need on-demand treatment for addiction," said Christina Delos Reyes, chief clinical officer at the Alcohol, Drug, Addiction and Mental Health Services Board of Cuyahoga County. And that requires money. "That's a problem," acknowledged Mike DeWine, …
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Novel therapies for nicotine, heroin, and gambling addiction show promise

Depression, Anger Management, Stress – Fontana, Montclair, Montclair, Norco


Depression, Anger Management, Stress – Fontana, Montclair, Montclair, Norco – Centers for Success offers Neurofeedback – a drug-free solution that is beneficial for stabilizing and normalizing brain fun…


Chronic pain self-management: What's in it for me?

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… deal with anger, fear and frustration as well as depression, fatigue and sleep issues. One participant stated, “The program opened my eyes and I realize I am not alone. There are many people living with chronic pain who still manage to take …
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Firelands Chapter of Red Cross honors volunteers

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Kosta's areas of expertise include relationship and parenting issues, depression & anxiety, caregiver burnout, stress-related illness, anger management, and substance abuse/family recovery. “We are excited to have Joanne,” said Kara Windsor, owner of …
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Park Bench Group Addiction Treatment


Park Bench Group Addiction Treatment – Park Bench Group began from personal experience… On a snowy winter night, after years of relapse, rehabs, hospitals and downward …


What chronic pain sufferers need to know

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Despite the scope of the pain epidemic, many doctors are wary of dispensing medication because they fear that patients will become addicted. Some point to the fact that one in five Americans reports misusing a prescription drug at least once in his or …
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Lady Gaga shoots for the stratosphere with Artpop

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No doubt Gaga's tour wardrobe specialists already have that little mollusk-to-order number teed up. The quaking G.U.Y. continues the sexy-mythic theme, with a reference to Himeros, who, according … The glossy-glassy mess Mary Jane Holland – a …
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