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Drug & Alcohol Treatment Is Within Your Reach


Drug & Alcohol Treatment is Within Your Reach – With insurance acceptance and a track record of success, Gateway Foundation puts drug and alcohol treatment within your reach. And as the largest provider of…


NIH study finds chronic alcohol use shifts brain's control of behavior

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Such changes could contribute to the emergence of habitual and compulsive patterns of behavior in alcohol abuse, and suggest that treatments designed to normalize striatal function may be an important approach for alcohol treatment. Dr. Holmes and his …
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Gene Combo May Predict Alcohol Treatment Outcomes

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Specific gene combinations may predict the success or failure of an experimental medication for the treatment of alcohol dependence, new research suggests. A study of nearly 300 alcohol-dependent participants showed that the effectiveness of …
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ALCOHOLISM/ADDICTION: Vijay Simha’s Tip a Minute # 2 – Pink Cloud


ALCOHOLISM/ADDICTION: Vijay Simha’s Tip A Minute # 2 – Pink Cloud – What happens when you get carried away by the return of health after quitting alcohol and other drugs.


Catholics Don't Condone Alcoholism, Says Lwanga

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During memorial prayers for Fr. Jordan Brendan on Thursday, Lwanga said: "The Catholic Church set up a rehabilitation centre known as Serenity Centre, at Kabulamuliro-Bwebajja on Entebbe road to treat alcohol and drug addicts." Fr. Jordan Brendan, the …


Using alcohol to self medicate increases addiction risk

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When the study participants were re-interviewed in 2004 and 2005, their drinking was more likely to show signs of alcohol dependence, or being addicted to alcohol, Crum said. "It indicates that drinking as a way to improve mood symptoms might increase …

How Do You Tell a Friend He Is an Addict Without Making Him Mad?

Question by Brittney: How do you tell a friend he is an addict without making him mad?
Now it’s not your normal “drug/alcohol addiction” it’s something that could be just as bad, video games. He plays like, up to 8 hrs. DAILY. It’s kind of depressing to see him lounging around in his room all day playing games….

Best answer:

Most times it’s impossible to make others see themselves.
The only thing you can do is invite him somewhere.
And also find some outside avticities to share with him.

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Not just Meena Kumari, even Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Rampal are alcohol addicts

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Stardom comes with a price. Many well established actors like Meena Kumari, Dharmendra, Robert Downey Junior, Manisha Koirala have had their tryst with alcohol. While some like Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Arjun Rampal are yet to face its …
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Substance Abuse Treatment Centers (888) 978-4179


Substance Abuse Treatment Centers (888) 978-4179 – Substance Abuse Treatment Centers – Looking for Substance Abuse Treatment Centers? Call (888) 978-4179 for Substance Abuse Treatment Centers. Available 24 hr…


States show large racial disparities in drug treatment success rates

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The study, which was published online in May in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, analyzed data from 940,058 patients from outpatient substance abuse treatment centers across the United States for whom there were admissions/discharge …
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New substance abuse assessment facility open in York

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(York) — People seeking treatment for drug and alcohol abuse have a new place to turn for help in central Pennsylvania. The York/Adams Drug and Alcohol Commission has opened the facility inside the county Human Services Center in the city of York.

Infinite Horizons Rehab Center Thailand Standard Suites


Infinite Horizons Rehab Center Thailand Standard Suites – Asia’s premiere and drug rehabilitation center in Koh Samui Thailand treating alcohol addiction,drug addiction and co-occuring disorders.


Prescription of topiramate to treat alcohol use disorders in the Veterans

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Evidence supporting the off-label use of the antiepileptic medication topiramate to treat alcohol dependence may be as strong as these approved medications. However, little is known about the extent to which topiramate is used in clinical practice. The …
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Alcoholism as a Disability on Scholarship Applications?

Question by Patty: Alcoholism as a Disability on Scholarship Applications?
Would it be ill-advised to list “Alcoholism” and how long I’ve been in recovery under the Disability section on a scholarship application for graduate school?

Best answer:

Answer by Ginny Potter

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Therapy For Alcoholism And Where To Get Help For Alcoholism, Treatment for Alcoholic – Therapy For Alcoholism And Where To Get Help For Alcoholics, he…


Jets QB opens up about his ongoing battle with drug addiction and mental illness

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The Washington U. study was commissioned by ESPN, with additional funding by the National Institute on Drug Abuse., and published in the international medical journal, Drug and Alcohol Dependence.Tags: NFL, OTL, Outside The Lines, Painkillers, John …
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