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Drugs Help!!?

Question by dollface: Drugs help!!?
feel like my life is so boring when im not on any type of drug at all its horrible i smoke pot during the week everyday actually and then the major durgs come in on the weekend im only 17 and this is want i think about /look forward to ever weekend when im sobar all i think about is getting drugs
last weekend was the worst binge i have had yet i did methadone,pot,opium,shrooms,coke and vicodin all within the hour and was up on all the **** for 3 days and havnt felt completley normal since i dont know if i should be concerned about the way i have been feeling but even the next weekend knowing i still didnt feel all there i did some extacy weed and coke and i added to the feeling of being totally out of it what should i do i cant stop thinkin about getting ****** up all the time i even planned on doing it this weekend even tho i know i shouldnt i cant convince myself not to
please help me i dont want to go to rehab or anuthing i just wanna be able to have fun but be able to stop when i want and not have it control my whole life what should i do is my life being setup for failure?
am i addicted?

What Keeps Patients From Leaving Inpatient Behavioral Addiction Therapy?


What keeps patients from leaving inpatient behavioral addiction therapy?


Weinberger, Black & Associates to be Featured on Close-Up Talk Radio

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“People in addiction treatment often go to therapists, but many people in our field aren't trained in addiction. They don't even tend to ask the right questions to get at the addictions,” says Dr. Weinberger. “Addiction can affect generations, so …
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Cherry Hill's Humble Beginnings will serve adult addicts in recovery

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At 25, the Philadelphia resident is launching a new outpatient addiction treatment center this week in Cherry Hill. He points to his own recovery from high school substance abuse as his inspiration for the work. “The sad part is, it's getting to the …
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Will Short Term Memory From Weed Last Forever?

Question by : Will short term memory from weed last forever?
Im a 14 year old kid im really scared i tried weed once like one puff and now im freaking out i have really bad anxiety alot of people tell me it from that but i dont know i worry about illnesses and stuff what i do is think back to like yesterday then i forget something that happened yesterday and i freak out will this last forever when i think about it that it will last forever and my anxiety i think i should just kill myself and all my worries will go away Thanks James

Best answer:

Answer by KauaiChrons
It’s just short-term, you’re freaking yourself over nothing. However stay away from it you’re way too young, it’s not good on the developing brain. Coping skills is just one of the things you will lack if you continue to smoke weed. This is long term scientific studies recently collected, and was tested with ADULTS, but you should be more educated about marijuana:

Chesterfield Township MI Drug & Alcohol Rehab 586-276-7490


Chesterfield Township MI Drug & Alcohol Rehab 586-276-7490 – Chesterfield Township MI Addiction Help Today 586-276-7490 Looking for a rehab for drug addiction?…


KY's Operation UNITE oganizes national Rx Abuse Summit

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Another keynote speaker is actress Melanie Griffith, who is in long-term recovery for alcohol and substance abuse, including prescription drug addiction, according to the summit's web site, which also calls her "an incredible champion for drug and …
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Christie speaks with compassion on drug addiction and treatment

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At his State of the State address in January, Christie introduced a member of the audience named Craig Hanlon, who he said was a drug addict at the age of 16. He went through rehab, finished high school, went to college and ultimately got a law degree.
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12-Step vs. Non-12 Step | Alternative Addiction Recovery | Non 12-Step Rehabilitation


12-Step vs. Non-12 Step | Alternative Addiction Recovery | Non 12-Step Rehabilitation – Dean Taraborelli explains the difference between 12-Step Addiction Recovery and Non-12 Step Addiction Rehabilitation at the Sanctuary of Sedona. Our Arizona …


Wyoming's annual Brown & Gold game to conclude 2014 Spring Football Drills

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“We think it's an injury that, while not a minor injury, is certainly one that he is making good recovery from,” said Bohl. “He will be in a boot for a couple days, but we expect he (Mark Nzeocha) … But tomorrow will be another step for us, and I'm …
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Harvard Doctor Debunks 'Bad Science' Behind 12Step Programs

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I Have an “addiction” I Think I Need Help!?

Question by Karla: I have an “addiction” i think i need help!?
Im a college student and i think i have a HUGE problem?? whenever i have money from my paycheck i rush to the stores and i buy what i thin i “need” and immediately when i get my receipt i feel sad and anxious. Dont get me wrong i make the payments to all my credit cards on time and i never exceed my limit…. but ifi have 1 dollars left i have to spend it.. i spend and spend and spend….and spend… but i cant stop. Sometimes in the afternoons i say “i feel like buying something and i go to the store and come back with something i didnt need” my parents are just like me..thats why they are in bankruptcy… but i dont want to end up like this some mental problem????? HELP but i dont want a counselor it would cost me money that i could use to buy shoes or something else important.. any other ideas??