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?Part 7? Marriage Counseling and Relationship Advice ?Bishop T D Jakes?


?Part 7? Marriage Counseling and Relationship Advice ?Bishop T D Jakes? – Marriage Sermons from Bishop T.D Jakes.


Book Review | Mixup draws counselor into murder investigation

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Years ago, Brasher abandoned the family business to pursue his counseling career, incurring the wrath of his mother. His marriage to a Latina community activist increased the divide. The clash of their diverse lifestyle choices enriches the plot and …
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Neither dogs nor kids will work if you're not a team

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I suggest marriage counseling or a reputable marriage seminar or workshop (even premarital, since they're more common); if one of you refuses, then put that on the list of ways you're acting as individuals vs. teammates. If you can go to him now and …
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Bridging the Generation Gap: Delta Days Keynote Addresses Generational

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"This is not the generation that sought counseling or marriage counseling or therapy," Nelson said. Unlike the Silent Generation, the Baby Boomer generation, those born between 1943 and 1960, is currently the largest group working in the U.S. When …
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